Our "Kids"


To give you an idea of our timeline...
Our blog has only been in the works since the beginning of the summer. At that time, Konrad created the "our kids" section so we could talk about our cats. That's how quickly the whole fostering thing came upon us.

Anyway, here are three little adorable balls of fur who we are blessed to have in our home for their entire lives (pictures of the children we are blessed to foster will be posted here at later times):

[Left to Right] Chris, Frank, and Heidi were adopted from Peggy Adams Animal Rescue League in July and December of 2011. For those of you who knew Konrad B.E. (Before Elisabeth), he was not only a dog person, he was pretty much an anti-cat person. Elisabeth on the other hand, while enjoying growing up with cats and dogs, was more of a cat person. One day when Konrad took Elisabeth out for a "month-iversary" breakfast, Elisabeth decided she wanted to show Konrad Peggy Adams, which was just around the corner and where she knew she wanted to get their first cat for Christmas (this part they had discussed). Of course the next day, Konrad went home with a cat (Chris). Elisabeth really only fought so hard for this because Konrad said he found a kitten he think he actually liked! Words that had never come out of Konrad's mouth in front of her before. Later, in December, they decided it wouldn't be a bad idea to get Chris a friend while he was still young, since they were making frequent weekend trips out of town (Elisabeth had a bad experience with her childhood cats after trying to do this same thing after her older cat had several years to get accustomed to having rule of the roost). They went back to Peggy Adams with a very specific wishlist: a male cat between 6 and 18 months old (Chris was 1 at the time). After spending some time browsing, they were torn between two different cats in the same cage/room - one cat (Frank) met our criteria and was CRAZY friendly; the other cat (Heidi), didn't meet our age (she was only 3 months) or gender criteria but was just. SO. CUTE! and pretty friendly as well. Konrad decided they should get Frank, see how Chris dealt with him, and if things went well, they could come back for Heidi. But once Konrad started heading off to meet the adoption specialist, Elisabeth heard a lady on her cell phone telling her friend how cute Heidi was and how they should adopt her and asking if they wanted her to pull the adoption papers for them. Once the lady turned around, Elisabeth grabbed the adoption papers and ran to tell Konrad if they wanted this cat, it would have to be now or never.

And now we're all one big happy family!
...except the kids...they really don't like the kids. lol

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