Little Mouse


Little Mouse is a great activity for kids when working on color recognition.

Supplies needed:


  1. Find a mouse and a house you'd like to color and use for the activity.
  2. Print out and color the mice (however you'd like) and the houses (whatever colors you want your children to learn and/or practice).
  3. Laminate your print outs for a longer lifespan.
  4. Attach magnets to the back.
Little Mouse Game

When you're ready, use a cookie sheet, the refrigerator, or any other magnetic surface to "hide" Little Mouse (as you can see, we have two mice - Little Mouse and his sister) behind different color houses. Let the kids pick a color to search behind, and have them ask:

"Little Mouse, Little Mouse, are you behind the _____ house?"

This activity can also be adapted to work on a flannel board by changing the materials to felt and flannel instead of paper and magnets.

Monopoly Deal


Monopoly Deal: This is a card game for 2-6 players ages 8 and up. The box says games take 15 minutes, but I would definitely suggest allocating more time than that until you become familiar with the game. The object of the game is to collect 3 full sets of [3] properties using money, new "action cards" (anything from "Pass GO - draw 2 more cards" to "Deal Breaker - Steal a full set of properties from any player"), and of course a little Chance. I'm not going to begin to try to explain the rules, otherwise you'd be here all day. You'll just have to go over them yourself if you decide to buy the game. :)

Pros: Much shorter than the original Monopoly; Less clean-up required; Appealing to a wide age range; Easy to travel with.

Cons: Very complicated directions.

If your kids are tired of playing traditional Monopoly and want to learn something new, or if they just don't want to spend hours on one game, this may be a good alternative. I enjoyed playing this game (then again, I won); however, my co-workers who I played with did not seem to enjoy it as much until we played long enough to gain full understanding of all the rules. I would not suggest using this game with an impatient group, and a practice round wouldn't be a bad idea either.

One final note, while I love Amazon Prime, I wouldn't recommend buying from them until their price drops back down to less than $10.