Matt Chandler

DISCLAIMER: It feels kind of creepy to be writing a whole post about someone who I've never met personally, but we wanted to provide you with information on some of our favorite pastors so you can look more into their work, if you're looking for some inspiration.

Matt Chandler has been the lead pastor of The Village Church in Texas since 2002, and is easily my favorite practicing pastor to listen to. (How do I end that sentence in a grammatically correct way?!)

I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but my favorite thing about Matt Chandler's sermons are the punch-in-the-gut feeling he leaves me with. I feel like he uses every sermon to hold up a mirror to make us (as Christians) look at what we need to change and/or better in ourselves; he doesn't tell you what a happy and successful life you will have if you accept Christ, nor does he focus on what the rest of the world is doing "wrong". To give you an idea of what I mean, here's a quote from his message, "A New People" (9/2/12):

"We're going to look at this idea of being a city on a hill, look at what it means to be God's people set up for the world to behold the glory of God. So we're going to talk about marriage, we're going to talk about divorce, we're going to talk about sex, we're going to talk about lust, we're going to talk about all these things and the Christian view of those things and how far we fall short of those things, and marvel at the grace of God as we seek to see Him do work in our lives to bring about greater obedience in those areas."
His voice is oddly soothing (I say "oddly" because his passion for any given topic leads to him getting so loud that I have to adjust the volume multiple times each podcast) and he does an amazing job connecting modern day issues with the Bible.

To top it all off, God is currently using the pastor to prove that He is ultimately in control, as he is currently surviving a terminal brain tumor diagnosis he received in 2009 which was supposed to leave him with only two to three years to live. As someone who continually gleans from his teachings, I personally hope Pastor Matt has many years left with us.

While iTunes' podcasts only go back about 7 months, you can find podcasts dating as far back as 2006 here on the church website.